We are a  British company who have installed systems around the world and are now doing this under our own brand here in the UK.

                                    We are working with Global Seed companies & Grow Media companies to improve the way growing works. 

British Growers Since 1886.                                                                         We grow unique baby leaf salads and we have created a 85% Salad mix. Simply put, this is like buying a pizza base or flan base unit and then you can create the whole salad to your own taste. So you then add the  ingredients for the other 15% to adjust the salad to your own taste. Or you can just eat from the pack with zero preparation. 

                                                                                                                            So  you can buy one salad and create 4 different salad meals from one 85% Salad mix. 

Less waste and better tasting salads as we have 4 unique varieties for  their flavour & Texture.

 We are going to take the Salad industry by storm by creating a Local Brand and a unique concept for the Salad market.

It is always nice to have talented Chefs talk about a product that hits the spot 

Gentlemen and Chefs,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Good morning, to you all. Normally I would not send an email to you all as a group but on this occasion, I believe that each of you as talented individuals who have either heard of or know each other won’t mind me sending this email on this occasion. Being in charge and running some of the most innovative and forward-thinking kitchen brigades I completely understand that your time is already stretched to a very fine point and that at times getting out to see, touch, taste and smell a new innovative product is nigh on impossible. I would however on this occasion ask that as a group we all try to find 30 mins to an hour to visit Mr. Grahame Dunning at Badia Farms. Grahame is the COO and Co-Founder of what I can only describe as a precious stone waiting to be discovered in the desert. The produce Badia Farms provide is boutique, gourmet, fresh, vibrant, colorful and above all else a taste explosion on both your tongue and in your head. It has you second guessing and asking what’s next, you go WOW and then just as you realise it’s really chocolate mint you go WOW again as the next flavor gets you. The micro salads & Baby Leaf that Grahame is producing in Al Quoz are in my opinion simply the best around ( If not the world ) and would compliment any dish we prepare for our customers. The micros are not a garnish they are a fusion of flavors and aromas that will simply take you back to the times we as young chefs used to go to the markets at 2am on the darkest mornings to buy our fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs. They take you back to the days of our youth and now today we have a chance to reclaim it and share it with the Badia Farm micro leaves. You really do have to go, see, touch, smell and taste this to believe it… Grahame is a 3rd generation grower with vast experience from working around the world and taking his specialties to chefs in some of the most prestigious restaurants around the globe. Many Top Chefs are counted amongst his friends and customers as well as the Royal Family in Bahrain. Growing Gourmet Salads in Dubai is he mad, no I don’t think so, talented yes, visionary I reckon and like us chefs he believes in all he does. With nothing other than a shared passion and desire for a fantastic product I ask that you please contact Grahame@localsalads.com and arrange a visit with him. Yes he would love you to procure and use the product as well and I’m sure once you taste it you want to use it where you can. Good luck everyone and I hope you enjoy meeting Grahame Dunling as much as I did.                                                               Culinary Regards