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The whole concept is to have the produce growing Vertically inside a building near to the consumer. Then selling the produce to the local community be that either through selling to Chefs, Restaurants and providing them with high quality Gourmet Salads. 

Or we Grow and sell to the Local Hospitals, Care Homes & Schools to promote a Local healthy living lifestyle.   

We are going to start a farming revolution in the UK and roll it out worldwide, similar to a McDonalds or Starbucks model supplying local and grown Locally.

Our passion for fresh, locally grown produce is what drives us. The demand for gourmet, Tasty Beautiful Salads all year-round is what has inspired us. 


Why the time is right for this concept.  

The World has undergone a major health change and the problem of imports or transport of fresh produce has become a major issue. The world faced Covid-19 and this caused many issues worldwide. However the UK are now facing major issues over the supply chain as well as shortages in the food chain due to staff shortages. Many salad products have been recalled due to e-coli or listeria. These are caused by using unsafe water or birds and other animals faeces entering the water table through rivers and ditches which intern enter the produce through the roots or through the leaves. So by growing where we eat and inside clean warehouse growing systems this helps to remove most if not all the major health issues.

Our WorldWide Local Salads concept is one of growing Locally but also Nationally in Local Locations as well as been expandable Globally.  

How do we do this you ask? A good question.

By using redundant space and empty warehouses we can produce Gourmet Salads & supply top Chefs Restaurants in any given Local area creating Local jobs for the communities as well as producing fresh tasty salads and helping combat Obesity  & bring back healthy eating. Another concept is to build a chain of  healthy life style CafĂ© type eateries, these can be inside shopping malls or on the high street so we can create a Coffee shop / Salad Bar. So by deploying a vertical growing system and growing our unique varieties of Salads that are grown for the Wow factor of Taste, Texture, Shelf life we have created a salad that people actually want to eat. This has been proven in several countries including the Gourmet Capital of the world DUBAI.