Our Mission is to promote Local Growing in the UK                                                                                                                                             

A British       Vertical Farming Company

Vertical Farming is essentially using limited space and resources to grow plants in controlled environments in areas that may not otherwise be conducive to either year-round growth or growth cycles that are fast enough to fully meet demand.

We take this process to a whole different level in the fact that we are Commercial Greenhouse Growers who have identified the opportunity in this changing world to produce salads like we did back in the day when food had Flavour and tasted of something.

Back in the days of our Grandparents even cabbage and Lettuce tasted of something. Yes they had to use pesticides NOW we use Zero pesticides yet we grow for flavour, Texture and also shelf life. Hence we took Dubai by storm. 

 The major reason for this venture is to produce Gourmet foods Locally, but with the global ability.. The success will be down to the flavour of the salads initiated into the Healthy Living that the world is moving into.  With long experience as a professional Horticultural Family the CEO is a 5th generation grower.  Being a passionate home-cooking enthusiast himself, he was able to link his business knowledge from the Growing industry with the culinary treasures he encountered on his travels.  

Locally grown food provides an opportunity to have less food waste, Less Carbon footprint, More sustainability by using renewable energy, 

Local Grown Salads - Locally Produced - Locally sold .