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No we can not tell you this one but we can advise you taking into account your location and your capital. Greenhouse or warehouse growing is not cheap and if you think it is then this is the wrong investment for you. Unlike other companies we have 40+ years of commercial growing so we do know what we are talking about.  we can design a full turnkey solution even and including the plants. 

Vision of Local Salads is 

Using the right technology, we can solve the major challenge of producing enough food to feed the world. We are constantly developing new technologies to do this, including working with the Ultra-Clima®. This now proven concept solves many of these problems and satisfies all of today’s requirements: higher production, maximum food safety, year-round production of high quality, minimal energy consumption, optimal water consumption, minimal CO2 emissions and, not insignificantly, a better return. This can be done in the GCC as well as Europe. 
This Brand new design takes the proven old way of cooling (Pad & Fan ) and puts the new twist onto it. Pad & Fan will not work in the GCC in Summer so we developed a new system to cool in the summer then use the tried and trusted in the winter months. But not only greenhouse growing we can go Vertical and do indoor Vertical growing using LED Lighting.