We have 3 Options for WorldWide Local Salads

Option 1 :: Local Warehouse for Customers 
                  This is a unit that grows for a specific customer who has a need for one type of crop grown to a high standard and is in need for the
same quality day in and day out. This allows the customer to have a pesticide free crop, Sustainably grown, and saving on food miles and food wastage as the product has a very short delivery schedule (Minutes and not hours or days) 

Option 2 :: Multi Crop Warehouse Wholesale type 
                          This is a unit which grows Gourmet Salads, we then either deliver the 85% Salad mix to a number of clients including but not limited to the following.
Residential Care Homes
                                                                                                      NOW A UK CONCEPT 
We Could build on the high street a unique Salad growing unit that sells direct to the consumer .
We will sell onsite and be visible to the consumer.  All the Salads will be grown on site and harvested fresh for the consumer . Ensuring the first unique Farm to table concept. 

Option 3  :: CafĂ© Style Franchise
   What are the most used shops on the high street ? we have all used them for drinks and snacks the following are the most common used.
Costa Coffee
Burger King
and many more. However many of these are now turning there menu into a more healthy eating menu.

We Could sell the following all under a Gourmet feel and with the vision of delivering a small but unique range .
These was all taken up by the top cafes in Dubai which is the Gourmet Capital of the world. 
85% Salad mix (a unique mix renowned for the taste , texture around the world by the top chefs)
Burgers  ( these will be a limited option of a meatless burger and our unique Salads mixture all delivered in a toasted Bun)
Cheese Burger  ( again delivered with our unique salad mix in a toasted bun ) 
Salad Sandwich ( inside our own Breadcake and filled with our famous 85% Salad  this has to be tasted to be believed)
Chicken Salad Sandwich .
Egg & Cress Sandwich ( this is our own grown cress that is grown with the unique wow taste unknown by supermarket bought cress) 
Cucumber & Cress Sandwich. 
This will all be complimented by a range of Coffees and drinks. 
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