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So what can we offer you in terms of a growing solution, while many growers will have existing buildings or glasshouses in which they want to increase the growing space, many people will want a building to house the units especially in the warmer climates or indeed colder climates where temperature control is critical? What we propose to do is supply you with a turnkey solution as far as you want it. We can supply you with the solution you want to grow a specific crop. For instance in Singapore and the Middle East have difficult climates and try growing in a glasshouse the temperature only rises, our proposal is a purpose built warehouse situation in which we build an insulated building with full air, humidity, heating and water control. We can offer you the full package from green field site we use our own computer control system, this system can control everything we need to. We can supply any Hydroponic system that is best for the crop you want to grow, unlike other companies we supply systems for the crop to grow not what we want to supply you with Of course we have our own system and in many instances this may be the most suitable system for your crop, in our opinion it is the most commercial Vertical Growing system out there. We would say that, but having designed systems for over 20 years, you could say I know the pitfalls of hydroponic growing. Practice makes perfect and we practised. Our system can either be a manual labour intensive system or a fully automated system. As for m2 footprint to growing m2, this is the most effective system. How many other companies can offer this choice to customers, indeed how many offer to put multiple systems in for a choice of crop grown? We work on a system so the plants receive individual watering of feed for the roots. This cuts down the number of watering times per day. The trays move around the building giving an air flow over the plants this speed is controlled by the size of the plants. The water/feed solution is heated or cooled to a temp of 18-22°c this helps the roots of the plant as there is no heat or cold stress