The Grow & Roll system is a system that can be adapted to many types of Growing Crops. From 

Bedding plants, Basil, Mints, Herbs,Potted Plants, Micro Greens & Lettuces are just a few. The unique way the lights and irrigation are used makes this a simple commercial system to use. 


We want to build not only the most Commercial Vertical growing system out there. We want to Build a Worldwide Global Gourmet Salad growing Business All the other companies are building systems that will not work in the commercial world, they will produce crops but they have not got the experience of four Generations of growing in their Blood. So what makes us different, well we are commercial growers who know how to grow and what the plants want and need? Our KEY People have over 60 year’s COMMERCIAL GROWING experience; they are people who know growing inside out. We know the commercial growing world and have the systems ready to build. These systems are in use today in the commercial growing world BUT WE have redesigned them to work in a Vertical Growing System. They are bolt together systems that can range from small to very large units, they can be fully automated or a manual system. Come and join us and enjoy the ride and help change the world for real and not in the fantasy world.  Other Vertical growing companies have not worked in Horticulture all their lives and they do not know how a commercial growing facility works, they do not know we use No Pesticides, We RECIRCULATE all the water, We use automation like you would not believe possible. JOIN THE REAL VERTICAL GROWING COMPANY 

 WE GIVE FACTS NOT FICTION.                                                                                                                                                                    This format can be rolled out worldwide. 

  • Increases productivity our system grows plants in m3 verses m2, 
  • Producing yields up to 10 times Greater than traditional greenhouses 
  • Year-round production = Year-round revenue 
  • Due to the controlled, indoor environment, ( exactly like Glasshouse growers do now, This is not new technology) 
  • we can produce crops 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 
  • This means stable and consistent revenue for our facility's owners/operators. 
  • Strengthens local economy 
  • When you purchase our produce from your local Vertical farm your £'s stay within the community and circulate throughout, giving other local businesses a healthy boost.
  1. We believe we have the perfect Business model that can be replicated world wide and we also have the perfect Business name in   as this name can be used wherever salad crops are grown to show that you are Local. With this in mind we developed an Indoor system that can be built by Local companies therefore helping the Local economy. We are looking for investors so we can build company outlets and run them ourselves or we can build you a unit for you to run. We are also able to provide consultancy if you think your system could be improved. Our own unit was built here in Bahrain to prove that this concept can work anywhere, We provide the best Gourmet produce for only the best chefs. We also have 2 years commercial growing in Bahrain in 45,000m2 of greenhouses as well as 40 years growing experience in Europe.  We are not internet experts we are real life commercial growers. 

Investors :: If you want a Global Business in Horticulture then there is only one company that can offer you two formats on ROI.