So how can we improve the whole concept of Aquaponics ? Well we start by improving the growing side of the whole system as what we see now is "Home Hobby" growing that are trying to move into commercially scale growing but with no idea of how to do this. We see crops like tomato and Lettuce plant and comments saying this plant is more commercial than a Hydroponic grown plant.

As a commercial grower the Lettuce from an aquaponic system would not be sold to the public and the markets that we sell to would not buy this product. The Tomato plants that I have seen grown aquaponically looks as though the person who grew themdid not have a clue how to trim a tomato plant, This is what we have to move away from,We have to grow commercially viable crops by using aquaponics then maybe we can move into the local backyard growing systems that grow commercial crops and make the system more viable. 

None of the above can really be called commercial products or plants, it really does make you think that these people have never seen a tomato plant grown correctly.


With this is mind we have designed a NEW aquaponic system that grows plants in a commercial way but you have to know how to grow, and for this we are willing to teach you the basics of growing.