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Increasingly growing is becoming a larger hobby, people want to grow their own produce in their own homes, we pride ourselves on our innovative and effective solutions in providing not only the perfect growing system for your needs but also the ability to grow the perfect crop. We have multiple systems to suit and are constantly improving and expanding our range of products.

We provide seeds so you don't just have to grow your average garden variety fruit and veg, we have our own branded seeds of special varieties.

Grow media and substrate can also be provided.

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Below is just a small range of products that we provide.

Little Farm

Little Farm is a completely hydroponic growing system that is easy to assemble and use. The compact and flexible design means you can tailor construction for different growing options and grow a variety of plants indoors without the need of soil. Designed to allow for optimal air flow, so your plants maintain a healthy and even growth rate.

Grow your own fresh vegetables year-round with Little Farm, have the power of freshness right at your fingertips with our uniquely designed system that’s perfect for growing leafy greens, flowering crops, or micro greens. Little Farm comes with everything you need to produce farm-to-table vegetation automatically in a controlled environment using proprietary controlled technology to monitor and moderate the optimal mix of nutrients to produce a variety of sustainable and healthy crops using no soil.

Little Farm is also an educational hydroponic system that sparks the interest of next-generation towards a sustainable future. It fits well in classroom environments as a hands-on teaching tool for mathematics, science, horticulture, teamwork, communication, and other STEM-related learning activities.  Kids at school always respond to better and to unique, hands-on, engaging and fun activities. Little Farm is just that and helps students develop a deeper understanding of lessons, ideas and concepts through practical teaching. Little Farm is the perfect tool for teachers to bring classrooms to life.

Mini Farm

Introducing Mini Farm, a complete, compact, all-in-one hydroponic growing system. Mini Farm is safe, efficient, and fun! Perfect for homes, and classrooms, the “ Mini Farm” enables you to grow your own salad greens, herbs, and even a few fruit plants. Mini Farm puts fresh, healthy vegetables at your fingertips year-round.