Most commercial systems involve multiple companies and all trying to marry there systems together. We at Hydroponic Growing Systems Ltd have                              married all these together for you. This also includes the WWLS LED's . These lights have been tested to grow crops inside warehouses to the                                  highest  quality. The grow system to the harvesting are all made to our design using the latest technology, but simplified to allow the smaller grower                      to evolve into a modern indoor warehouse grower.  We do NOT sell systems we are growers of high quality Salads and we will train growers to have                      pride in producing quality produce.

  • As a grower you need to have an automated sow line that can sow multiple seeds. 
  • You need a Germination room 
  • Then you need to be able to transport from this room to a Nursery growing space
  • You then transplant from the Germination Nursery trays into a 'Grow tray'  
  • The Trays are then placed onto the Grow system until ready for harvest.      
  • Of course there are many variables in-between this process that makes it all come together to make a perfect Salad.